A Marx Brothers absurdity gem is the film, "A Night at the Opera," in which they parody the stodginess of fans of this hellenic theatrical contour.

But in attendance are in earnest insights and course to be gleaned from the REAL opera, which I've solitary of late been attending beside any regularity.

Yesterday, I had the gratification of seeing Verde's "La Traviata," major surprising soprano, Renee Fleming.

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Apart from the high voices and tragical story, what affected me was thing I've weathered elsewhere, seeing bad theatre in New York and London.

In a word, it's EXCELLENCE.

The international of serious music is uncompromising. Greatness and flawlessness are appreciated, understood, and preceding all, demanded by sharp fans and trigger bullish critics.

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You can't get away with portion up the mediocre.

Last week, at different Verde opera, "Don Carlo," a rotund gentleman sitting in in advance of me in "The Founders' Circle," complained to his neighbors, "I don't cognise where they got that soprano!"

Unceremoniously, he moved out the building earlier the definitive act had concluded; a blow in the obverse to the performers and the ruler.

He knows part once he hears it, and he merely won't digest thing smaller number than international social group performances.

Compare this attitude near what legendary sales trainer, Zig Ziglar, has derisively referred to as "The Get-By."

The Get-By is an hard work that is adequate, merely adequate to pass, to not be insincere and absolutely forsaken by the multitude. Pretenders of all kinds, poseurs, con men and women, as asymptomatic as the simply and blandly average, accomplish at the Get-By even.

Excellence doesn't pass lacking searching and chronic efforts, exertions that are monitored, plumbed and managed by the performers, their overseers, and by their publics.

The classical music reminded me that a specified "search" for excellence, as one communicator put it, is unsatisfactory.

We have to discharge it, all and all one of us, who aspires to an dazzling life, one that is full next to existent achievement, low experiences, and singular pleasures.



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