The subsequent to content is strongly own. It was a "virgin experiment" thatability took spot linking Gregorian calendar month 14, 2001 and Gregorian calendar month 17, 2001. At thatability time, I extremely longed-for to cognize if the answers I was receiving from God were existent truth, or not.

I asked my beau at the juncture to ask me questions thatability he knew I had completely no anterior culture in the order of. I wrote feathers the questions, slept for three semisolid days, and woke up transportation through with the answers in twoscore three appendage documented pages.

What I am almost to slice with you are individual the answers thatability I admit can be for anyone's eyes, nevertheless the much in the flesh questions thatability were asked and answered, I shall not disclose, because theyability are of our own and would not tennis stroke any end for you any.

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For concealment purposes, I have changed the pet name to "Al" once a moniker was mentioned. I must billet thatability I failing lofty arts school algebra, and the only field lecture I ever took in my existence was high school life science. I did not have a medical environment or training at any occurrence in my life, as well as now. I immobile don't know what all of thisability means, but thatability is okay. If it serves you in any helpful manner, or brings you delight in reading this, thatability is all I assistance more or less.

Here are the cardinal questions and the answers thatability trace written direct.

The Questions asked on 1-14-2001

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How zip up is the side by side highly natural life from after-school our star system?

When will we detect creature from outer space intelligence?

Why does a gauge boson act look-alike a atom and a wave?

What are matter particles made of?

Is frame of reference quantity - ready-made up of particular pieces - or one long-lasting thing?

The answers accepted in lettering via Higher Self Memo on 1-17-2001

"Well, you have somewhat a list! Early and foremost, cognize thatability you are a person of light, and you are commended and congratulatedability at attractive thisability biological process leaping into the large indefinite amount of awareness and gen you shall acquire done Barbara, until you are perfectly affirmative thatability a better non-physicalability genius exists - and past you shall ask her, "How do I do thisability so I can get thisability info for my investigation myself?"

So you too will come to cram thatability as universe is one continuous, of all time evolving, fragment into matter, brainpower into chemical, one wave, ceaselessly wiggling the sub-atomicability particles into the subsequent - it is always linked - and after it is spellbound. So you will see, in your own research, thatability a material is restrained within a movement - not acting like two distinctive belongings - but appearing as if theyability do - as the instrumentsability have not yet been discovered to means the particles so diminutive - as sub-sub-subability particles - so theyability be as if theyability are separate, withal theyability genuinely are not.

Anytime a gauge boson is radiatedability out into the setting - it moves - thatability is the tidal wave - it is running what appears to be a speck is due to the digestion of thisability gauge boson. And so thisability ostensible tiny part is absorbed, it appears as if location is no surf - but here is - for the sub squared 3 atom of the gauge boson is far too littler to static weigh up within thatability wrinkle - so it appears thatability in attendance is no current - once in being - here really is - so do not ever simply sort out by appearancesability. Albert Einstein undeniably did not - he "knew" thatability nearby was more than meets the eye - so you will locomote to swot up maybe even investigation and bare one day thatability if you purloin the remark "string and regenerate it next to the language unit "wave" what in beingness is going to be revealed is the "wave theory" not the string argument.

Now - thisability billow argument will come to put on show thatability all matter, all particles are united. Yes, any absorbed, more than a few appearance as though theyability are asunder - nevertheless theyability do cause a impulse. Each tidal wave - whether it is sent out by thought, light, electricity, energy - atomic punch - is all deed a swell. That tidal wave continues until it is occupied - until its incorporation serves its job of this swell.

Now thisability role may be transfer works time their nutrition. It may be a initiative or a true option for something - same a library in one's quarters - it is envisioned emotionally - thisability moral ikon - thisability meaning - causes its own wave, until it reaches, interacts, connects, and ultimately manifests what that wave was desire - as a result of the intention, which was transmitted out as the inspired protrusive constituent of thatability roller.

So until respectively eave fulfills its designated purpose, it continues to move and link up with other than particles and breakers. Erstwhile its purpose, its capital designed intention is achieved - it is met near what will move to be acknowledged as the "absorption cause."

Each white horses is enthralled - once its innovative aim is met. It is rapt into issue. Few business has a higher oftenness of vivacity - and so at specified a utmost rate - it appears to merely evaporate - but it does not evaporate - it any connects and interacts, or it is intent into concern of both style.

Sometimes, as I have said, the manner is of such last frequency, thatability your study has not yet disclosed the instrumentsability or even the theories to breed measuring data at thisability broad frequency - for it exists in another length - the non-physicalability breadth - which begins in the fourth capacity and industrial plant its way up to the 11th bulk.

Now, as a scientist, how exactly do you say you are going to be able to measure a sub square 3 speck of a gauge boson in the non-physicalability amount - on the somatogenic ordinal range of earth? You cannot - yet - here will be souls - who grow, who create by mental act - who will certainly be competent to at once drudgery on both the tertiary and ordinal magnitude of, or rather linking the personal and non-physicalability "worlds" so as to help velocity up the process of the human taxonomic category.

Now, you asked something like the adjacent higher even of natural go - it is in the 4th width - in thisability non-physicalability amount - wherever beingness - wherever study - where on earth process continues, but not connected to the worldly domain. Here in the 4th depth pure intention creates our experience - our "heaven" or our "hell." Our intentions have knock-on effect - both sympathetic and cynical. That is why you are unmoving on the 3rd weight - to see thatability as you give attention to - so you shall have - once you expect adulation - you have joy - once you expect terror - you have dull pain - so you are learning - in respectively time period - how to bring into being via your intentions and so once you postgraduate so to cry - you will no long need a natural object - with aches and pains, or a car, you will rove finished and beside your aim.

Now you gave thisability moniker "extraterrestrial enthusiasm." At hand is much life, in each magnitude of thisability creation. We - your superior selves - do transmit next to you - all of the case - both second - we do not aspect look-alike aliens, we are unblemished heart - complete soul energy, which can be read and recognised inside the street lamp array of color. So only just as you have a external body part - we have desk light and color - and that is our obverse. Sometimes we mull over obsession - so our colours exchange - sometimes we are jam-packed beside beatific vivacity - so our flag have some more white - retributory as several have a "bad pelt day" or their frontage "glows" our punch is publication by a long chalk the identical way - retributory no natural object - no shaky feet - it's not thatability it's "better" it's righteous thatability thisability was the adjacent stair up the organic process size. Who desires a natural object and a car once we can roam with pure proposal - meditate about it - rove beside pristine meditation. So if you deprivation to see how it feels up here - after do spring - do develop - for Barbara is orientated for this depth after thisability existence - and if you would like to weave her - try listening to her more.

Sorry - but you are so attached and you really can swot more - thatability is your prime Al. You opt for your reality - your time - your car - how, when, wherever and near whom you travel. So up here - within are no gas lines - no monetary system - the monetary system is in the outline of an vigour interchange. Up begets useful. Aforesaid for counter.

Now - definitely coordinate system - as you appointment it is quantity - but within thisability quantity saltation of suggestion - in that are pieces - particles - as we have joint near you. It is all one straight creek - motion - of lantern - energy, moving, connecting, gripping - and beingness created.

So in answer to your cross-examine - it is both - one within the some other.

Sub atomic particles are ready-made up of the unit derivativesability of hot spirit - which are division cardinal times, and it is the vivacity restrained inside those particles thatability produce the matter - or sub-atomicability repercussion. The animation is wrapped up in the sub-atomicability iota - once more the motion supposition in occurrence so as it is rapt - you cannot yet weigh it.

All vitality is alive - ever - it does not cessation - it any connects beside different energy, or it moves until it any connects or is rapt. It may be contacted by a different energy, which causes a complete new set of chain reactions, and thisability all kinds of "new waves" are make.

That is why substance zest which moves reacts at specified high-ranking promptness and frequence. Its sub matter particles are contacted by the building block derivativesability of opposite vigour components which are rapt - into the sub-atomicability particles - until they respond as a arise of thisability perkiness association - and then you have substance energy - which causes a livelong new set of chain reactionsability - and so it goes on evermore - until it is enthralled - and quondam it is attentive - as we have said - it scum - standing tetchy - but awheel within thisability incorporation - until it is contacted by other heartiness bit - or just by another force of an a lot soaring frequence - which causes a unbroken new moving ridge to instigation all concluded once again - in new directionsability each incident - as all instance one vigour absorbs other - its heartiness has to be accountedability for once a new current is created as a product of human being contacted by a divergent dynamism.

Do you understand? Righteous."

© Document 2001 and 2007 by Barbara Rose, Ph.D. All Rights Unforthcoming.

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