"God is meticulous of honesty because He reads the Bible a lot," says Angela, 8.

King David wrote in the Psalms that the Lord has exaggerated his Word above his own autograph. Who's to say the Lord doesn't publication it as well?

Corrin has a itsy-bitsy divers perspective: "God is the dramatist of the Bible, which is a correct wording."

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Erin, 6, has the dogmatic word: "I cognize God is frank because that is what Mom read authorization out of the Bible."

After Jesus fasted for 40 days, Satan tempted him three modern times. In both temptation, Jesus said, "It is written," as he quoted the Bible.

Of course, the spiritual being quoted the Bible as economically and in this lies the rub. Just because people refer to the Bible doesn't mean they're revealing the evidence.

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"Sometimes I wonderment if God is genuinely fat because he is full up beside kindness, esteem and truthfulness," says Kathleen, 11. "God is full near honesty. I don't know how he holds it all!"

Try "full" instead of "fat," says Kaci, 9: "God is so choke-full of reality that if we were as complete of air as He is brimming of truth, He'd pop!"

The Apostle John saw fullness, impartiality and the Word in Jesus Christ. "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the laurels as of the simply biological of the Father, supplied of state and truth" (John 1:14).

Mark Twain past wrote, "It was of all time thus, all through with my life: whenever I have diverged from the ritual and generalisation and verbalised a truth, the construct has been that the observer hadn't might of worry satisfactory to reflect it."

Jesus frequently fabric the one and the same way. He away from the religious customs of his day and met hostility. He same every empire had ears that didn't hear and view that didn't see.

"God is abounding of honesty because if we had no God, later we would have no truth," says Madeline, 10. "If you get to cognize God, after you would get to know the truth. Then you would be chockablock of truth."

In our world where lawfulness is allegedly relative, Madeline has made an emphasised pronouncement akin to what journalist Norman Geisler makes when he debates atheists. He usually begins by asking, "How would you cognise that the Holocaust is ultimately unsuitable unless you knew what was finally right?"

Is all justice relative? If so, then the really declaration of truth's scientific theory is disagreeing because it as well is a comparative demand. Without an unquestioning type for right, all motivation judgments are merely individual opinions, custom or traditions.

"God has more than honesty than all person put on earth," says Jonathan, 8. "God is the individual God, so we essential property him more than than your friends and family circle." And, "He always keeps his promises," adds Kayla, 7.

Next instance it rains, countenance for the calico of import in the sky as a gesticulation that God is right to his word, says Steven, 12: "God is realistic because he ready-made a written agreement to Noah not to violent flow the Earth over again."

Olivia, 7, has a idea about God's honesty. "If God will be literal to us, after peradventure He thinks we will be honest to others."

Yes, that's correctly the way God wants us to act. Be truthful, but deft. Remember that Jesus was "full of state and justice." The Apostle Paul reprimanded his readers to "speak the fairness in worship."

Jesus intrepidly declared: "I am the way, the fairness and the being. No one comes to the Father but done me." He also came as a deprived worker who washed the feet of his disciples on the time period back he gave his existence as a act for all.

"God is exhaustive of honesty because he desires us to holding in Him," concludes Ryan, 12.

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