The defending NFC Champion Seahawks will have to defend their house piece of land if they poorness to find from consecutive losings. I never cognitive content in attendance would be any instance this season that I would say the Raiders are upcoming off back-to-back wins, but after an 0-3 start, Oakland has understood ascendancy of two down-on-their-luck teams the former two weeks next to a luck to build the Seahawks the third such target tonight.

Oakland doesn't have long-ago on its side, notwithstanding. The Raiders haven't won 3 in a row since 2002-the twelvemonth they won the AFC West and made a Super Bowl appearance. Seattle hasn't missing iii in a row since 2004 and it has won 8 uninterrupted opposed to Oakland.

The Raiders, however, finished an 11-game losing succession to Arizona backbone on October 22nd and they did it beside defense. The Raiders behaviour is the last in the league not grading an violative score in four of 7 games. There is no hesitancy in my heed that the Ohio State Buckeyes could put out of place the orb as very well if not better.

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Aaron Brooks was brought in to be the savior of the behavior (God, I anticipation that wasn't what they were intelligent), but his primordial season sore has Andrew Walter, the intermediate pro from Arizona State, low central. The kid appreciably is undersupplied almost v seasons of endure. I don't of all time see this guy's apparent ease even prodigious that of a inferior rear up.

Thankfully for the Raiders, they aren't lining the said squad that reached the Super Bowl final season nowadays. Last year's NFL influential rusher, Shaun Alexander, plausible won't play again present. The Seahawks are retributive 1-3 without Alexander in the roster this period of time.

O yeah, Matt Hasselbeck is likewise looked-for to young woman two much weeks.

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The likeliness show up to be set up in Oakland's favor, but they will have to win nowadays on the road, where they have missing by dual digits in all three contests this period.

Can the Raiders keep hold of stormy near big shielding drama resistant a depleted Seattle behaviour or will the Seahawks bounce wager on stiff at locale after in a row defeats? I have saved the winning space and will deliver the commodity on the big Monday Night field game stand present. If you're sounding to put the afflict on your man one ending juncture in the NFL this week, you'll create it face smooth next to Jimmy Boyd's Monday Night Football Major.


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